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Papa Anzóis I Sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil
Papa Anzóis I Sardines in olive oil with lemon
Papa Anzóis I Sardines with virgin olive oil and Malagueta chili pepper
Papa Anzóis I Sardines in Olive oil with Tomato
Papa Anzóis I Sardines à l'huile d'olive vierge et à la tomate piquante
Papa Anzóis I Chinchards à l'huile d'olive vierge extra biologique
Papa Anzóis I Chinchards aux clous de girofle et à l'huile d'olive
ABC+ I Petites sardines sauce "Bravo"
ABC+ I Chinchards sauce "Bravo"
ABC+ I Filets de maquereau sauce "Moqueca"
ABC+ I Filets de maquereau au Curry
ABC+ I Filets de truite au Curry
ABC+ I Codfish in "A Caldeirada" sauce
ABC+ I Petits Calamar au Curry
Ati Manel I Sardines in olive oil
Ati Manel I Sardines piquantes à l'huile d'olive
Ati Manel I Sardines with olive oil and lemon
Ati Manel I Sardines with olive oil and tomato
Ati Manel I Mussels in spicy sauce
Ati Manel I Mussels in escabeche sauce
Ati Manel I Scallops "em Caldeirada"
Ati Manel I Paté de maquereau piquant
Ati Manel I Smoked mackerel paté
Cantara I Vintage sardines
Cantara I Sardines in olive oil
Cantara I Sardines à l'huile d'olive et tomate
Cantara I Sardines à l'huile et au citron
Cantara I Sardines in olive oil with oregano
Cantara I Petits maquereaux à l'huile d'olive
Cantara I Calamars farcis à la portuguese
Cantara I Moules à l'escabèche
Cantara I Small spicy sardines
Cantara I Sardine paté
Cantara I Sardine paté with piri-piri
José Gourmet I Sardines in virgin olive oil
José Gourmet I Sardines in Organic virgin Olive Oil
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Canned Seafood


Sardine canning factories in Portugal. Canned fish is deeply rooted in Portuguese gastronomic culture. Everyone knows the famous Portuguese sardines that have become a real symbol for the whole country. It all began in 1865 at Villa Real de San Antònio when Ramirez company first used the newly developed appertization (heat preservation). The idea was to be able to eat excellent fish, especially Portuguese sardines, outside the fishing seasons. It is always the idea that prevails. 

The best canned sardines. Today there are about twenty sardine canneries, but also other fish or shellfish in Portugal. The most famous are in the North, in Matosinhos with the Canning Factory La Gondola whose artisanal methods are based on the pre-cooking of fresh fish. The Lisbon sardine cannery (Conserveira de Lisboa), well known to tourists, is also famous with its Tricana or Minor brands.

Portuguese sardines back in fashion. Canned fish is now fashionable: sardines, cod, tuna, octopus, squid are eaten canned in olive oil or in their natural state or garnished with tomatoes, lemons, peppers, garlic, piri piri... or cooked with typical Portuguese recipes: em caldeirada, lagareiro, a portuguesa... In this trend, Portugal is known all over the world for the quality of its canned fish. This is due to the natural resources that are easily accessible on the Portuguese coasts, but also to a tradition of high quality craftsmanship.

The best preserves and rare preserves. This is the guarantee of a much more attractive experience than just opening a can of sardines. All of this has consequences: it is common for our sardines to be out of stock from March onwards. This means that stocks are depleted and the new fishing season has just begun. There is then no choice but to wait for these exceptional products. So don't hesitate, you will be enchanted by sardines in virgin olive oil, cod à la portugaise, octopus em Caldeirada, tuna with red peppers or by the incredible sardine roe.