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Pasteis de Nata I Gourmand Gift Set
Pasteis de Nata I Portuguese Gift Set
Portuguese Cooking I Gift Set
Natal I Gift Set
Flavors of Portugal I Gift Set
Sardines going mad I Gift box
Portuguese canned seafood I Gift set
Petiscos I Portuguese Gift Set
Chouriço I Portuguese Gift set
Azeite Premium I Portuguese Gift Set
Azeite Traditional I Portuguese Gift set
Tasca I Portuguese Gift set
Bacalhau I Portuguese Gift Set
Piri-Piri I Portuguese Gift set
Azores I Portuguese Gift set
Azores I Portuguese Gift set
Chá I Portuguese Gift box
Bica I Portuguese Gift set
Portuguese Icons I Gift Set
Azulejos I Portuguese Gift Bag
Namorados I Portuguese Gift Set
Galo de Barcelos I Portuguese Gift set
Madeira I Portuguese Gift Set
Algarve I Gift Set
Azulejos I Portuguese Gift Set - Luisa Paixao | USA
Alentejo I Portuguese Gift set
A coffee with Amália I Portuguese gift set
A coffee in Porto I Portuguese Gift set
A coffee with Azulejos I Portuguese Gift set
Azul | Portuguese Gift Set
Turquesa | Portuguese Gift Set
Verde | Portuguese Gift Set
Vermelho | Portuguese Gift Set
Rosa | Portuguese Gift Set
Laranja | Portuguese Gift Set
Ach Brito I Portuguese Gift set
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A selection of the most beautiful products from Portugal. All the products selected for our gift sets are authentic Portuguese products. They are entirely made in Portugal with local raw materials, we guarantee it. We have selected them from craftsmen and manufacturers for their qualities and prices.  All of them make great efforts and are proud to show you their work and the products of their country.

Authentic Portuguese products. All the selected products are deeply rooted in Portuguese traditions and culture and are unique. You will discover the Azulejos patterns, unique teas grown in the Azores islands, jams or organic infusions grown in the middle of the Alentejo, miles from any pollution. You will find unique soaps, still made by hand with very old recipes. Of course, you will also find canned sardines, but they are the best sardines caught on the Portuguese coast and canned in Portugal.

Gift sets for everyone. Whether you love or are nostalgic for Portugal, whether you are simply curious, whether you want to make a Portuguese friend happy, you will necessarily find a gift set that will please you at the price that suits you. If you would like a more personalized gift set, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer your needs.