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How to send a gift?

Would you like to please someone close to you on the occasion of a special event? We have thought of everything so that you can choose your gift in our online shop and have it delivered.

3 possibilities are open to you

  1. Select your gift from our collections of gift sets: Gourmet, traditions, regions, private moments... you are bound to find the perfect gift for your loved one.
  2. Select one or more products from the entire shop and choose a packaging in a gift bag, a gift box or a beautiful rush basket.
  3. Simply offer a gift card and your loved one will be able to choose from more than 2,000 authentic products from Portugal.

If you would like us to send your gift to its recipient :

Coffrets cadeau portugais

  • Your gift will be sent to him/her at his/her home or at the address you have given.
  • You will be able to personalize your gift with a few words that we will print and enclose with the package
  • The invoice with the price will not be included in the package and will be sent to you by email.
  • You will be informed of the delivery of the package.

Here's how to proceed, it's very simple:

1 - Enter the few words you wish to attach to the parcel in the "Comments" field when you validate your basket. These few words will be printed and attached to the parcel .

Cadeau du Portugal


2 - When validating your order, enter the address of the gift recipient as the delivery address BUT enter YOUR email address.

3 - Select UPS delivery. Your gift will be delivered to the recipient's home and you will be notified of its delivery.

4 -On the payment page, click on "Use a different billing address" and enter your address.

  • Billing address: yours.
  • Delivery address: that of the recipient of the gift.

5 - In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you.


If you prefer to offer a gift card

Carte cadeau portugais Luisa Paixao

  • A Gift Card is valid for an unlimited period of time.
  • A Gift Card can be used without any restriction, for all purchases in our online shop.
  • A Gift Card can be used to pay for several orders.

Here's how a gift card works:

  1. Choose the amount of your Gift Card.
  2. Add it to your cart and complete your order.
  3. You will immediately receive an email with a 16-digit code.
  4. Forward the email with the 16-digit code to the person of your choice.
  5. This person will be able to use the amount of their gift card as they wish by entering the 16-digit Code in the box provided on the shopping cart page.