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Lisboa I Portuguese Soap
Savon "Algarve"
Barcelos I Portuguese Soap
Savon "Azulejos"
Azulejos I Portuguese Soap
O Fado I Portuguese Soap
Fernando Pessoa I Portuguese Soap
Electrico I Portuguese Soap
Andorinhas I Portuguese Soap
Barco Rabelo I Portuguese Soap
Savon "Namorados"
Savon "Chita azul"
Ceramic Bathroom Set - Blue from Portugal
Soap with blue hydrangeas
Savon à la rose
Savon aux fleurs de lotus
Set de salle de bain en céramique
Savon de luxe à l'Aloé Vera
Savon de luxe aux amandes
Luxury soap with lavender and thyme
Savon de luxe à l'huile de pépins de raisin
Savon de luxe figue et groseille
Set de salle de bain en céramique - Turquoise
Saudade I Savon de luxe au parfum de cèdre
Saudade I Savon de luxe à la vanille
Saudade I Savon de luxe Orange Cannelle
Saudade I Savon de luxe à la Violette
Saudade I Savon de luxe à la Verveine
Set de salle de bain en céramique - Blanc
Handmade soap with olive oil - Rosemary from Portugal
Savon artisanal à l'huile d'olive - Myrte from Portugal
Savon artisanal à l'huile d'olive - Jasmin from Portugal
Savon artisanal à l'huile d'olive - Eucalyptus from Portugal
Set de salle de bain en céramique - Rose
Efémera I Scented Soap from Portugal
Noites de Primavera I Scented Soap from Portugal
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Portuguese soap, a model of quality. Undoubtedly perceived as an authentic Portuguese product, soap has become the favourite of all tourists passing through but also of Hollywood stars since Oprah Winfrey praised its merits in her TV show.

This success is deserved.  It is due to the extraordinary know-how of Portuguese soap manufacturers, the quality of the ingredients used in the formulas and a heritage that has been preserved for over a century.

By remaining faithful to the safe values of more than a century of tradition, these manufacturers now offer natural soaps that can't be found anywhere else. Centuries-old brands such as Claus Porto, Ach. Brito, Confiança, Castelbel ...  are now joined by new brands who create innovative soaps based on old formulas: Real Saboria, that reformulates an old formula found in a vineyard in northern Portugal by making use of grape seeds, is a good example. Antiga Babeiaria do Bairro, that draws inspiration from the perfumes of Lisbon's districts and its barbers to create scented soaps for men, is another illustration of this unique creativity.

Choose a cheap handcrafted soap from our online store. These quality soaps are all formulated from natural vegetable materials only, to which are added ingredients known for their active principle on the skin. Moisturizing soaps use sweet almond oil, goat's milk, aloe vera, coconut, glycerin to leave skin soft and silky. Purifying or exfoliating soaps use formulas based on pumice stone, clay, sea salt to leave your skin clean and smooth. Scented soaps are also very popular: lavender soaps of course, but also rose, lily, hydrangea, mandarin, honey or violet soaps. You can also try fruit soaps: strawberry soaps, lemon soaps or passion fruit soaps. Finally, some manufacturers offer scented soaps for men such as Musgo, Principe Real or Veleiro.

An idea of what to bring back from Portugal? An authentic soap of course! Whichever you choose, you will be delighted. Portuguese soaps will make you rediscover a new way of washing, a new way of taking care of yourself with high quality products and unique and very ecological fragrances compared to shower gels offered in plastic bottles and using sophisticated and incomprehensible formulas.