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Ceramic Lizard - 11.0''
Ceramic Salamander - 10.2''
Ceramic Snake - 10.6''
Ceramic Snake - 7.5''
Ceramic Frog - 6.3''
Ceramic Frog - 4.3''
Ceramic Frog - 2.4''
Ceramic Snail - 6.7''
Ceramic Snail - 4.7''
Ceramic Turtle - 4.7''
Ceramic Lobster - 12''
Ceramic Crab - Red
Ceramic Crab - Red
Ceramic Crab - Green
Dourada I Ceramic Fish - Blue
Dourada I Ceramic Fish - Blue
Dourada I Ceramic Fish - Yellow
Robalo I Ceramic Fish - Blue
Robalo I Ceramic fish - Blue
Robalo I Ceramic fish - Yellow
Pair of Ceramic Birds - Red
Pair of Ceramic Birds - Blue
Pair of Ceramic Birds - Light Blue
Pair of Ceramic Birds - Yellow
Pair of Ceramic Birds - 13 colors
Ceramic swallow's Nest - Green
Ceramic swallow's Nest - Brown
Ceramic Horse - Brown
Flamingo Azul I Ceramic Bowl
Flamingo Rosa I Ceramic Bowl
Concha | Ceramic Bowl 11.8'' - Cobalt Blue
Large Ceramic Trinket Bowl - Matte white
Large Ceramic Trinket Bowl - Blue
Concha I Ceramic Bowl 11.8'' - Beige
Concha I Ceramic Bowl 11.8'' - Turquoise
Ceramic Seashell - 10.2"
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Decorative objects

Discover the Elegance of Portuguese Artistry in Decorative Objects

Portugal's legacy of artisanal excellence shines through in our exquisite range of decorative objects. From stoneware fir trees to ceramic candles and intricate figurines, each item in our collection reflects the country's rich heritage of craftsmanship. Our handpicked selection of Portuguese decorative objects allows you to infuse your living spaces with a touch of elegance and a dash of cultural charm. These unique pieces, lovingly created by skilled artisans, bring the warmth and character of Portugal's streets right into your home.

Elevate Your Home Decor with Handcrafted Portuguese Treasures

Our curated assortment of decorative items is perfect for those seeking distinctive accents for their living spaces. Whether you're looking for a unique olive plate, elegant ceramic candles, or ornate figurines, our collection showcases the diversity and artistry of Portuguese craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to Portugal's cultural richness, and by adorning your home with these treasures, you're not only embracing unique decor but also celebrating the timeless beauty of Portuguese artisanal traditions. Explore our selection and bring a touch of Portuguese artistry into your living spaces today.