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Pasteis de Nata Baking Tins - 16 pieces
Papa Anzóis I Discovery Pack
Copper Cataplana pan 14.2'' - 8/10 people - Luisa Paixao | USA
Savon portugais au citron I Produit artisanal du Portugal Savon "Azulejos"
Sardinha I Kitchen Towels - Luisa Paixao | USA
Azulejos I Kitchen Towels - Luisa Paixao | USA
Creative I Sardines in olive oil with lemon - Luisa Paixao | USA
Casa de Santo Amaro Prestige I Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Luisa Paixao | USA
Set of 3 tins of olive oil
Monte das Oliveiras I Olive oil Plate - Luisa Paixao | USA
Tasse à expresso en grès I Vaisselle du Portugal Tasse à expresso court en grès "Ondas" - A l'unité
Bathroom rugs 40x20" - 18 colors - Luisa Paixao | USA
Portuguese Piri Piri - Strong - Luisa Paixao | USA
Book "Portugal a mesa" - Luisa Paixao | USA
Pasteis de Nata Stainless steel Baking Tins - 5 pieces - Luisa Paixao | USA
Flavored salt I Piri-Piri and Aromatic Herbs - Luisa Paixao | USA
Azulejo Padrão 5.9x5.9'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Pasteis de Nata Baking Tins - 8 pieces
Fine stoneware Garlic Canister - Luisa Paixao | USA
Hirondelle noire en céramique I Produit artisanal du Portugal Hirondelle en céramique noire
Lisboa I Stoneware Pitcher - Luisa Paixao | USA
Lisboa I Stoneware Plate - 11.8'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Paixão I Unisex T-shirt - Navy Blue - Luisa Paixao | USA
Luxo-Banho Blue I Luxury Bath Soap - Luisa Paixao | USA
Corãçao de Viana I Silver Filigree Pendant - 2.4" - Luisa Paixao | USA
Thé noir des Açores I Thé noir gorreana Thé noir des Açores
Green Tea from the Azores - Luisa Paixao | USA
Traditional Barcelos Rooster - Black - Luisa Paixao | USA
Spun yolks Maker - Luisa Paixao | USA
Stainless steel Cataplana pan 14.2'' - 10/12 people - Luisa Paixao | USA
Vine Leaf I Fine Stoneware Plate - Light Green - Luisa Paixao | USA
Fado | Poster - Luisa Paixao | USA
Fado | Poster
From $9.40
Piri-Piri Powder - Luisa Paixao | USA
Portuguese pudding Cake Tin - Luisa Paixao | USA
Tormenteras I Luxury Scented Soap - Luisa Paixao | USA
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Authentic Portuguese products. In our online shop you will only find products made in Portugal made with Portuguese raw materials. We refuse to sell so-called Portuguese products made in Asia, which are generally of very poor quality and which try to exploit Portugal's magnificent heritage and the know-how of Portuguese craftsmen and small businesses.

Products that contribute strong values. Most of the products presented in our shop are carefully manufactured using traditional methods. These products carry the know-how transferred to several generations that Portugal has been able to preserve. Behind each product, there is an artisan or a small business, a group of farmers, a Portuguese family. Everyone is proud of their work and proud to present it to you.

Innovative products. In our shop, you will also find surprisingly modern products resulting from the creativity of young Portuguese artists or entrepreneurs, proud of their roots and heritage and who know how to reinterpret ancient models intelligently to put them back in the spotlight.