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Papa Anzóis I Discovery Pack

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Crafted in the Portuguese village of Parchal, Papa Anzóis' Discovery Pack contains small vessel-caught sardines, canned with organic extra virgin olive oil from the renowned Algarve Coast. These sardine preserves are crafted using traditional methods and only regional ingredients, in limited quantities of fresh sardines sourced from the Algarve coastline.

Why I love it

  • All ingredients are fresh and local.
  • The olive oil is virgin, extra and organic.
  • The process is handcrafted and meticulously monitored.


  • Canned sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Canned sardines with virgin olive oil and lemon
  • Canned sardines with virgin olive oil and Malagueta pepper

More informations?

Papa Anzóis preserves were born from a dream to revive the production of sea preserves in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal.

Utilizing a small artisanal production process, this product offers the highest level of quality while connecting its product, people, and history to the Algarve. Its cannery is located in Parchal, a historically linked Portuguese village to fish canning, with all ingredients sourced locally.

Production is conducted in small batches and an innovative dehydration process maintains the organoleptic properties of fresh fish.

The result? A unique preserve with truly different taste qualities.