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Saloio I Extra virgin olive oil

SKU: SOLI-004-1
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Saloio, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a unique flavor profile of a pronounced fruity aroma and low acidity.

It's perfect for a variety of cooking applications, from drizzling cold on salads to sautéing and frying up to 400°F, ensuring its beneficial properties are retained throughout.

It is a premium quality oil, produced from fresh olives of superior quality without any additives or preservatives. Containing all essential vitamins and oleic acids, it ensures maximum health benefits. body. 

Why I love it

  • A strong flavor for the real olive oil lovers.
  • A very practical can to display at the table.                                                                                              

  • Maximum acidity: 0.4 to 0.7%.
  • 16.9fl.oz canister equipped with a pouring spout

Olive oil