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Girassol I Ceramic Dish - 11.0'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Boneca Barriguda by Prazeres Côta - 12'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Coração de Viana I Gold plated Silver Filigree Pendant - 4.3'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Anjo Barroco I Azulejo 5.5x5.5'' - Luisa Paixao | USA
Monte das Oliveiras I Olive oil Plate - Luisa Paixao | USA
Reed Satchel Bag - 8.7" - Blue & Natural - Luisa Paixao | USA
Ceramic Vase - Blue - Luisa Paixao | USA
Marinha Grande I Glass Salad bowl - 11" - Luisa Paixao | USA
Renda I Handmade Ceramic Plate - 10.6'' - Turquoise - Luisa Paixao | USA
Madeira I Stoneware Plate 11.0" - Yellow - Luisa Paixao | USA
Costa nova I Striped Ceramic Vase - Red - Luisa Paixao | USA
Reed Satchel Bag - 8.7" - Pink & Violet - Luisa Paixao | USA
Costa Nova Mar I Striped Ceramic Pitcher - Blue - Luisa Paixao | USA
Ceramic Swallow Origami Style - Gold - Luisa Paixao | USA
Assiette en céramique de Coimbra - 29cm
Ati Manel I Sardines with olive oil and lemon - Luisa Paixao | USA
Copper Cataplana pan 11.8'' - 5/6 people - Luisa Paixao | USA
Saloio I Olive oil can and its carafe
Azulejos Panel 12x12''
Azeite Traditional I Portuguese Gift set


In search of the best Portuguese products. I am constantly on the lookout for the finest Portuguese products. Every week, I have the opportunity to meet with Portuguese craftsmen, discover new brands, or learn about ancient brands. I am often impressed by my encounters, as their passion, knowledge, and creativity are reflected in their products. Their products are often a reflection of their personal convictions.

A selection of 100% Portuguese products. Not only is my enthusiasm a criterion for product selection, but I also pay meticulous attention to ensuring that the products are 100% Portuguese. I carefully check that the products are entirely manufactured in Portugal, and that the raw materials used are Portuguese, whenever possible.

A selection of value-added products. 100% Portuguese products, products that seduced me... Above all, the products I select must promote specific values and possess unique qualities. Some of these products showcase and revitalize Portuguese traditions, while others are the result of remarkable creativity. There are products that are truly one-of-a-kind, such as the Azores tea, and others that blur the line between art and craftsmanship, like Julia Cota's statuettes.