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Ceramic Lobster - 12''
Decorative Panel of 24 Azulejos - 35x24''
Black Terracotta Decanter from Bisalhães
Spun yolks Maker
Tomato I Ceramic Soup Tureen
A Portuguesa I Traditional Portuguese Hat
Ceramic Snake - 10.6''
Ceramic Snake - 7.5''
Black Loose Leaf Tea from the Azores
Monte das Oliveiras I Olive oil Plate
Galo I Ceramic Pitcher
Ground Peri Peri
Á Portuguesa I Gold plated Silver Bracelet
Black Terracotta Decanter from Bisalhães
Boneca Barriguda I Statuette by Prazeres Côta - 10"
Chestnut Grill
Azulejos I Chouriço Grill - Yellow
Maria I Ceramic Biscuit Box
Maria I Ceramic Plate - Brown
Maria I Ceramic Plate - Off-white
Maria I Ceramic Plate - White
Decorative Panel of 4 azulejos 12X12''
Portuguese Ceramic Rooster - Red
Passaro assobio I Water Whistle
Ceramic Crab - Red
O Pião das Nicas I Giant Spinning Top - Black
Coimbra Ceramic I Vase
Pasteis de Nata Baking Tins - 16 pieces
Copper Cataplana pan 14.2'' - 8/10 servings

Rare & uniques Portuguese Products