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O Pião das Nicas I Giant Spinning Top - Black

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"Pião das nicas" is a spinning top transformed into a beautiful decorative object, but it also has a function: You can store your little childhood secrets, small objects or food... your famous "Madeleines de Proust"

Made of fine glazed stoneware, entirely handmade, with a lid, made of wood, turned by hand, its upper part is completed by an aluminum spout.

This spinning top comes with an original tale "Growing", translated into Portuguese, English and French, evoking childhood in Portugal when little boys still played in the streets. 

Why I love it

  • The extraordinary feature of this object.
  • A beautiful reminder of the Portuguese culture.
  • An object of very high quality


  • Dimensions : Ø6.1x8.1''

About the Designers : 

Rute Rosa & Sérgio Vieira have created an experimental design space that draws on Portuguese stories and popular culture to reinvent traditional objects.

This experiment was born from the desire to tell stories through objects. These two artists combine Rute Rosa's passion for ceramics and Sérgio Vieira's innate talent for developing auteur projects based on experimentation and innovation.





Les objets poétiques traditionnels du Portugal