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How to find the perfect Portuguese Christmas gift?

How to find the perfect Portuguese Christmas gift?

Do you love Portugal and want to share your interest with friends and family? Are you nostalgic for Portugal and want to recall its atmosphere, colors and tastes? Or are you simply curious and looking for an original gift?

The Luisa Paixão boutique is brimming with Portuguese treasures, always authentic, often modern and always conveying values or history.


If you'd like to discover our selection of authentic Portuguese Christmas gifts, click on this link.

Portuguese gift sets.

A gift box is often the ideal way to showcase a particular aspect of Portugal. The boxes are made up of authentic Portuguese products which, when put together, evoke a Portuguese region or city, a tradition or a color.

Gourmet gift boxes.

Gourmet baskets to enjoy with friends or family, culinary preparation kits for the famous Pasteis de Nata, discovery kits for Portuguese preserves... Everything is at your fingertips, for 4-5 days delivery in the USA if you wish.

Les coffrets cadeau gourmands du Portugal

Portuguese Gourmet gift bag - Luisa Paixão collection


Portugal's iconic gift boxes.

Azulejos, ceramic swallows, Barcelos rooster... Portugal's icons are also presented in different gift boxes.

Les coffrets cadeau emblématiques du Portugal - Boutique en ligne

Azulejos I Portuguese gift bag - Luisa Paixão collection


Gift boxes in Portuguese colors.

The blue of the Portuguese sky, the green of its forests, the turquoise of the waters of the Sierra d'Arrabida, the brilliant yellow of the sun are all opportunities to offer a gift box in the colors of Portugal.

Les coffrets cadeau aux couleurs du Portugal.
Vermelho I Portuguese gift box - Luisa Paixão collection


Gift boxes from Portuguese regions.

Looking for the emotions of Lisbon or Porto, the Algarve, Madeira or the Alentejo? Our gift boxes are the perfect way to remember or discover the diversity of Portugal's regions.

Les coffrets cadeau des régions portugaises - Achat en ligne
Lisboa Portuguese gift set - Luisa Paixão collection
If you'd like to discover our full selection of authentic gift boxes from Portugal, click on this link.

Unusual gifts.

Portugal is brimming with unusual objects that can't be found elsewhere, and our store is patiently collecting them one by one, so that as many people as possible can discover them.

Barcelos rooster.

Ceramic rooster figurine in bright colors, symbol of Portugal, subject of a legend still told to children and supposed to bring luck and prosperity.

Cadeaux Portugais - Statuette Le Galo de Barcelos
Galo de Barcelos by Prazeres Côta - Luisa Paixão collection


Portuguese naturalist ceramics.

Initiated in the 19th century by Bordalho Pinheiro, still alive today and often very modern when taken out of its traditional context.

Cadeaux Portugais : La céramique naturaliste du Portugal - Achat en ligne
Ceramic Lobster - Luisa Paixão collection


If you'd like to discover our full selection of unusual Portuguese gifts, click on this link.


Fabulous gifts


are an emblematic decorative element in Portugal. We asked an outstanding craftsman whose trade is restoring antique azulejos to produce exact replicas of 18th-century Portuguese azulejos.

Les cadeaux fabuleux du Portugal - Les Azulejos - Boutique en ligne
Azulejos panel - Luisa Paixão collection


Filigree jewels.

A centuries-old Portuguese tradition now in danger of disappearing, it requires such expertise, experience and hard work.

Magnifique Cadeaux du Portugal - Les bijoux en filigrane - Achat en ligne
Coração de Viana pendant - Luisa Paixão collection


Cataplana pans.

Unique kitchen utensils used to prepare dishes that are mainly eaten in the Algarve.

Cadeaux pour la cuisine du Portugal - Ustensiles de cuisine - Les Cataplanas
Cooper cataplana pan - Luisa Paixão collection


The Marinha Grande glassworks.

And its incomparable pieces in fused glass combine tradition and modernity.

Cadeaux cuisine Portugal - La verrerie de Marinha Grande
Marinha Grande glass salad bowl - Luisa Paixão collection


If you'd like to discover our entire selection of fabulous Portuguese gifts, click on this link.

Small gifts

With a small budget, you can also offer small, inexpensive but authentic objects to give you a real feel for Portugal.

Costume jewels.

Handcrafted with the utmost care and undeniably reminiscent of Portugal.

Cadeaux Portugais -  Des bijoux du Portugal -  Les bijoux fantaisie
Coração de Viana pendant - Luisa Paixão collection


Ceramic sallows.

From one of Caldas da Rainha's finest traditional ceramics workshops.

Cadeaux Portugais - Les hirondelles en céramique - Caldas da Rainha - Achat en ligne
Ceramic swallows - Luisa Paixão collection


Portuguese soaps.

Renowned the world over for their quality and fragrance.

Cadeaux beauté Portugal - Les savons portugais - Achat en ligne
Benjamim I Box of 2 portuguese soaps - Luisa Paixão collection


Ceramic or stoneware mugs.

Their incomparable quality also makes them a small gift to be used every day.

Cadeaux du Portugal - Les grands mugs en céramique ou en grès - Achat en ligne
Portuguese ceramic mug - Luisa Paixão collection



Authentic, signed photo prints by João Cabral.

Portuguese street photographer we met when he was still a student at the Beaux-arts.

Cadeaux Portugal - Image du portugal - Des tirages photo authentiques et signés de João Cabral - Achat en ligne
João Cabral - Luisa Paixão collection
If you'd like to discover our entire selection of little gifts ideal for a Portuguese Christmas present, click on this link.

 Gift cards

If you don't know the recipient's tastes well, or if you're too late in making your choice, gift cards can be used for all products in the store for a period of one year.

Cadeaux Portugais - Notre carte cadeau de produit du Portugal - Boutique en ligne


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