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Woven Rug in recycled fibres - Beige

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This beautiful rug is entirely handcrafted from natural textile fibers sourced from surplus in the Portuguese textile industry. Heavy, thick, and with a very contemporary design, it adds a touch of modernity to the room it's placed in.

The result of meticulous craftsmanship, it boasts extraordinary quality and beautiful finishes, including a gancé border.

Why I Love It

  • Sleek and contemporary style
  • Impeccable quality
  • Eco-friendly production


  • Approximate dimensions: 150x100cm
  • Material: Recycled natural textile fibers
  • Weight: 4kg

More Information

This rug is crafted by a workshop that fully embraces its environmental impact responsibilities while ensuring the quality of its products.

It stands out for using hundreds of thousands of kilograms of surplus from the textile industry each year. This production is exclusively done using manual looms, and the workshop actively supports various social causes in the region where it is located to maintain a close relationship with the local community.

Portuguese Fabrication - Handcraft Carpet