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Azulejos panel 28x17''

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Magnificent replica of an authentic 18th century Portuguese azulejo panel. This panel is made of 15 hand-molded and painted azulejos reproducing the gestures of the 18th century artists.

This panel is a unique opportunity to own the most faithful replica possible made by craftsmen who are also responsible for restoring old azulejos.

Resistant to humidity and temperature variations, this panel can be mounted on an interior wall (even in a bathroom) on an exterior wall or on a fireplace. It can also be mounted in a frame to be exposed on a wall. 

 Why I love it

  • A unique object made by art master craftsmen.
  • A faithful reproduction of 18th century techniques and gestures.


  • Height: 27.56''
  • Width: 16.53''
  • Dimensions of each azulejo: 5.51x5.51"
  • Number of tiles: 15
  • Weight: 11 kg

Available on order

This panel of 15 azulejos is made to order only. The manufacturing time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Fresque d'azulejos portugais