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Lenço de Namorados | Linen Handkerchief

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The "Lenço de Namorados," literally the lover's handkerchief, is a fine fabric handkerchief embroidered with various colorful motifs and phrases or verses. It is an iconic symbol of Portugal, characteristic of the Minho region (Northern Portugal).

This authentic version is entirely hand-embroidered on a piece of natural linen. It is crafted by a small artisan workshop in Viana do Castelo.

 Why I Love It

  • An entirely hand-embroidered original version.
  • Made from natural linen.
  • A touch of Portuguese soul.




    • Material: 100% natural linen
    • Dimensions: 5.91x5.91 inches (15x15 cm)

    More Informations

    Young girls in love used to embroider their handkerchiefs and give them to their beloved. The embroideries featured traditional motifs as well as verses illustrating the young girl's interest in the boy. If the boy who received the "Lenço de Namorados" wore it in public, it signaled his desire to start a romantic relationship.