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Copper Milk Jug

SKU: ALVE-007-1
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Authentic and hard to find, this aluminum pot tinned with copper, called "fervedor" in Portugal, is perfect for boiling water, milk, or making incomparable sauces. Made in Barcelos in northern Portugal, this pot is a healthy and sturdy utensil that will remain intact after years of use.

Esteemed by chefs, copper pots offer unparalleled cooking uniformity and allow for the creation of incomparable sauces and accompaniments.

Why I Love It

  • Provides unparalleled even cooking.
  • Allows for the creation of incomparable sauces.


    • Traditional Portuguese pot made of aluminum tinned with copper.
    • Even heat distribution thanks to the copper coating
    • Flat bottom for gas or electric stoves (not compatible with induction)