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Galinha I Butter Dish

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A beautiful ceramic pot with a hen-shaped lid. In addition to its decorative aspect, this pot can be used to place salt, pepper, mustard or butter at the table.

This beautiful piece is typical of "Caldas da Rainha ceramics", whose most famous creator is Bordallo Pinheiro. Its quality is remarkable: the molding is precise, the colors are finely applied and the ceramic is uniform, smooth and shiny.

Why I love it

  • A jar that's both original and traditional.
  • Remarkable craftsmanship.


    • Diameter: 3.0''
    • Height: 1.6''
    • Height with lid: 4.7''

    More informations ?

    This piece comes from a small workshop in central-western Portugal, in the province of Estremadura. Its design is characteristic of Caldas da Rainha ceramics, whose most famous creator is Bordallo Pinheiro.

    The molds used in this workshop have been handed down from generation to generation, and the current owner uses his grandfather's molds. All pieces are carefully crafted entirely by hand, and production is very limited.

    Atelier de céramique portugais

    Atelier de céramique portugais