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Saladier haut en grès "Turquesa" from Portugal
Saladier bas en grès "Sardegna"
Saladier individuel en grès "Turquesa" from Portugal
Bol en grès "Sardegna"
Assiette en grès "Sardegna" - 24cm
Mug en grès "Sardegna"
Turquesa I Stoneware Oven Dish from Portugal
Turquesa I Stoneware oven Dish from Portugal

Sardegna Collection


A collection of authentic Portuguese tableware. Sardegna is a collection of tableware inspired by the deep colors of the oceans on the Portuguese coast: a green oscillating between blue and turquoise depending on the light. All pieces have a hand-painted edge that emphasizes their rustic and authentic character.

A stoneware collection. Made of stoneware, this collection of tableware is compatible with everyday life. It will stay looking as good as new despite being used in dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and freezers.