Pasteis de Nata

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Pasteis de Nata recipe
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Pasteis de Nata Baking Tins - 20 pieces from Portugal
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Pasteis de Nata Stainless steel Baking Tins - 5 pieces from Portugal
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Black terracotta Pasteis de Nata molds from Bisalhães - Set of 5
Cinnamon Dispenser from Portugal
Cinnamon Dispenser
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Cannelle moulue from Portugal
Pasteis de Nata I Portuguese Gift set from Portugal
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Pasteis de Nata I Gourmand Gift set
Black Tea I Pastel de Nata from Portugal
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Black Tea I Pastel de Nata - Bags from Portugal
Herbal tea I Pasteis de Nata from Portugal
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Herbal tea I Pasteis de Nata and Apple Cinnamon from Portugal


Pasteis de Nata are these small Portuguese flans now known all over the world. It is difficult to taste them outside of Lisbon, as the ones you can find in bakeries or pastry shops are usually industrial products.

So there is only one solution: make them yourself. We have gathered everything you need to cook pasteis de Nata yourself and as a bonus... We offer you the original recipe for free.


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