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Portuguese Christmas gifts

25 Portuguese Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

The end of the year marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. This year, you want to please your loved ones by giving them authentic Christmas gifts.

How about celebrating Christmas in the colors of Portugal? With our Portuguese Christmas gift ideas, surprise your friends and family with typical Portuguese items that will delight both young and old.


Portuguese gastronomy for a gourmet Christmas gift

Portugal is above all a family gastronomy. Whether you want to please a Portuguese friend or simply offer a little originality to a gourmet, Portuguese gastronomy is an ideal choice.

Through a gift box with Portuguese flavors, a book of recipes of the country's traditional cuisine or a pastry kit to make your own Pastéis de Nata, bring Portugal to your loved ones' plates to the delight of fine gourmets.

But the flavors of Portugal do not stop at Pastéis de Nata and olive oil. Oranges from the Algarve, apples from Alcobaça and fennel from Madeira are also typical Portuguese smells that take us on a journey.

For Christmas, our Tea discovery box from Portugal are a perfect gift idea for all lovers of hot drinks. Coffee is also an integral part of the Portuguese culture. Give a Portuguese person the opportunity to replicate the typical aromas of Lisbon's "Bicas" or Porto's "Cimbalinos" 


Give a trendy gift from Portuguese textile crafts

Do you need to give a Christmas gift to someone who takes care of herself and likes to be trendy? Portuguese craftsmanship is full of unique and authentic treasures.

Choose from a selection of Reed or leather bags and purses made in Portugal. Leather goods and textile work are Portuguese know-how recognized in Europe. A leather belt, a trendy hat or a cap made of mottled wool typical of Portugal will be very nice Portuguese Christmas gifts and will appeal to young and old alike and to men and women.


Portuguese jewelry: an authentic and sophisticated Christmas gift

For even more refinement and elegance, consider Portuguese jewelry. The filigree technique is an ancient Portuguese tradition.

These jewelry pieces are made in the north of Portugal, in Gondomar and Braga, in the region of Pôvoa de Lenhoso. A silver or silver-gold pendant representing the Coração de Viana, a true feminine symbol of Portugal, will surely surprise the person who receives this beautiful gift. Earrings, bracelets, rings or brooches are all great Christmas gift ideas to give to a mother, grandmother, sister or partner.

If you are looking to place at the foot of the Christmas tree a small, less formal gift, a costume jewel for example, will seduce his or her recipient for sure!


Gift idea for the home: Typical Portuguese decoration

Do you want to bring Portugal back to your home or the home of your loved ones? Portuguese decoration is ideal for this and very easy to integrate in your home. With its bright colors and typical materials, you will please a Portuguese family by offering them emblematic Portuguese decoration objects. For example:


You can also fall for our gift boxes with typical Portuguese items or personalize your own gift box. To the Portuguese grandparents, for example, we can offer an assortment with Portuguese colors and scents with a candle, a perfume diffuser, a mug and a cushion cover that will definitely remind them of our beautiful country.


Give beautiful toys to children for Christmas in memory of Portugal

If you want to give beautiful toys from Portugal to young children, wooden toys are definitely the way to go. Our natural wooden toys are authentic products from Portugal, made by a passionate Portuguese craftsman. Without plastic or metal, the finish is natural and without chemicals. Children will be able to play with pleasure and safety with a unique toy of high quality.

For children a little older, games with Portuguese colors will entertain them in a fun way. Finally, for teenagers, nothing like pretty posters of Portugal to decorate their room.

The Christmas gift list has never been so exotic! We wish you a pleasant holiday season with the colors of Portugal!

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