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Coimbra I Ceramic Swallows

SKU: CECO-027-1
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Beautiful ceramic swallows from Coimbra in shimmering colors representing scenes of nature, plants, exotic birds. These swallows are so characteristic that it is impossible to confuse them with any other ceramic swallow.

These swallows are the result of a long and meticulous work entirely manual. They are signed by the artist's hand.

Each craftsman illustrator gives free rein to his creativity and each piece is therefore unique.

Why I love it

  • An original and very delicate ceramic swallow.
  • A unique piece.
  • An artisanal work close to art.

More informations ?

Coimbra ceramics has existed since the 16th century and includes ceramic workshops that traditionally use cobalt blue in monochrome tones but also yellows, greens and ochres. This art, characteristic of this city in northern Portugal, has been recognized worldwide for several centuries.

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