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Sardine Run I Discovery Pack

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Enhance your culinary journey with this exclusive pack of premium Portuguese sardines. Savor the distinct taste of 6 canned sardines, carefully curated from renowned canneries throughout Portugal. Perfect for indulging in as an appetizer or pairing with boiled potatoes and a refreshing glass of white wine.

Why I love it

  • 6 totally different preserves.
  • 6 Portuguese preserves of very high quality.
  • An occasion for an aperitif or an original dinner.


  1. Ati Manel I Sardines in olive oil
  2. Cântara I Sardines in Olive Oil and Tomato
  3. Cântara I Sardines in olive oil with oregano
  4. José Gourmet I Sardines in olive oil with lemon
  5. Creative I Sardines in escabeche sauce
  6. Pescarias do Algarve I Small sardines in spicy olive oil