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Mão de Fátima I Silver Filigree Necklace

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Beautiful pendant, very finely made in silver filigree and representing the hand of Fátima stylized. The pendant is mounted on a necklace, both are solid silver 925/1000. The gold finish is obtained by dipping the necklace and the pendant in a gold bath.

The Mão de Fátima or Hand of Fatma or Khamsa is a hand with two opposing thumbs. It is an amulet that protects against bad spells. It is said that if you want to protect your house, you should apply the Hand of Fatma on the front door.

Why I love it
  • A traditional Portuguese good luck charm.
  • The delicacy of the filigree's realization.
  • The use of 925/1000 silver for the necklace and pendant.


  • Silver 925/1000
  • Height: 1.0''