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Spanish-Moorish Azulejo 5.5x5.5''

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A gorgeous glazed and embossed Portuguese Azulejo, of Moorish or Spanish inspiration like the very first azulejos found in Portugal in the 15th and 16th centuries.

A very beautiful decorative object Sold individually, this azulejo can also be used as a paperweight, a trivet or a coaster.
On request, it can also be delivered in large quantities in order to be mounted in wall panels or friezes. In this case, please contact us directly using our contact form.

Why I love it

  • The delicacy of the craftsman's work on one of the most difficult forms of Azulejos to achieve.
  • The reproduction, in the same way, of several hundred years old methods of manufacture



  • Size: 14x14 cm
  • Thickness:1cm
  • Weight: 370g




Fabrication des azulejos portugais

Make no mistake, this Azulejo is not just a simple industrially printed faience tile that you can find in souvenir shops.
This object is a real clay tile, enamelled on one of its sides, handcrafted according to the traditional methods of manufacture of the Portuguese Azulejos and entirely hand painted.
It is made in a small craft workshop by Amélia and José Alves de Sá Nogueira, a couple of passionate people, among the best Portuguese ceramists who work for museums and the most beautiful palaces in Portugal.