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O cantar I Ceramic and brass cricket

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Large cricket (29cm) in glazed earthenware ennobled by feet in aged brass molded manually in a sand mold.
This piece is entirely handmade whether it is its ceramic part or its brass parts. It is a magnificent object of decoration with an extraordinary presence due to its quality of manufacture and its large size (nearly 30cm)
Delivered with the original story "O cantar do Grilo" translated in Portuguese, English and French, more than an object, it is a whole universe that is presented here calling on literary talent, Portuguese history and traditional crafts.

Why I love it

  • A magnificent object of decoration.
  • A very beautiful evocation of the Portuguese popular culture.


  • Material: Enamelled ceramic for the body, aged brass for the legs.
  • Dimensions: 29x14x8cm
Designers: Rute Rosa & Sérgio Vieira
Rute Rosa & Sérgio Vieira
Rute Rosa & Sérgio Vieira have created an experimental design space that draws on Portuguese stories and popular culture to reinvent traditional objects.
This experiment was born from the desire to tell stories through objects. These two artists combine Rute Rosa's passion for ceramics and Sérgio Vieira's innate talent for developing auteur projects based on experimentation and innovation.
Les objets poétiques traditionnels du Portugal